Why Men Should Consider Tungsten For Their Wedding Band

Men wear a wedding band on their ring finger to show the world that they have committed their life to their wife. It is a public display of affection. A man’s wedding ring can be made of many materials, including gold, platinum, silver, titanium, and palladium.

One of the most popular choices for a man’s wedding ring in the modern area is Tungsten. Tungsten, which is chemically known as wolfram, is on the periodic table of elements with the chemical symbol of W. Tungsten is a very hard, rare precious metal that is found naturally on our planet. It is known to have a very, very high melting point. Tungsten actually combines two Swedish words, which are then simply translated to mean heavy stone.

Tungsten rings are four times stronger than titanium and twice as hard as steel. It is considered to be very difficult to scratch tungsten, so tungsten rings hold up very nicely for people with more active lifestyles. Tungsten gains its extreme harness when it is combined with carbon alloy making it into Tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide is widely used in mining wedding Rings for men machine randy rocket engines. It has a color similar to steel and can be polished to become bright and reflective. Tungsten has a finish that requires little to no maintenance over the years, and thus can be a very cost-effective purchase for the husband to be.

Tungsten can also be coated with physical vapor deposition (PDV) coatings to create a luxurious black onyx color. If you see black wedding bands on a man’s finger, it is almost always a Tungsten ring coated with this process. Or it can be combined or inlaid with gold or platinum to create contrast or make the ring a brighter white color. Since the band is mostly tungsten, this can be a very cost-effective way to incorporate gold into your wedding band without breaking your bank account.

One negative that has come out about buying a tungsten ring for your wedding band is, if injury occurs, it is impossible to get off. Contrary to what is sometime said of it, Tungsten can easily be cut off at any jewelry store, hospital or by shattering it using vice grip pliers. A professional should typically remove it though, otherwise further injury may occur. It is important to note at this point that removing the ring requires shattering it, so you’ll have to buy a new one from scratch. Gold, for instance, could be removed and then re-melted back into a ring once your injury heals for minimal cost.

So, to sum up, tungsten is almost always cheaper than gold or platinum rings, while often slightly more expensive than sterling silver. It is a very hard, strong metal, which does not scratch easily but is often difficult to reshape or remove in case of injury. Finally, it is a hypoallergenic metal, so if you or your wife to be are allergic to gold or silver, than tungsten just might be the right metal choice for you.

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