Who Invented Ice Cream? And Ice Cream Cone History

Want to know who invented ice cream? Do know the history of the cone? Do you think you have an idea? Debates have swirled over these topics for centuries. Here, we’ll present the facts on this frozen treat and on ice cream cone history and you can decide who you think invented one of the world’s most popular treats.

There are many myths and legends and other documented stories concerning who invented ice cream. Some are true; others are just plain myth. Ready for some entertaining reading?

The following blurbs are fun and would be a great conversation piece as you serve up your next bowl of homemade frozen goodness. So, can you decide what is true or not? Picture these fascinating scenes…and you decide! Just who invented ice cream?

History Myth, Folklore…and Truth?!

* During the 400s B.C., people were already eating frozen treats! Royalty from Persia enjoyed ice mixed with various flavors and fruit.

* Alexander the Great (356-323 B.C.) is well known for his love of eating snow that was flavored with honey and nectar.

* Nero, a powerful Roman emperor (54-68 A.D.),reviews of InventHelp had snow and ice brought to him from the hills by slaves. Nero was so intent on getting his beloved treat, that if it melted before it got back to him, he would execute the slaves! Nero also had rooms built beneath his palace in order to store what the slaves brought back. He would top his frozen treat with some juicy fruit!

* During the 1500s, Mughal emperors had horsemen bring them ice so that they could make fruit sorbets.

* In 1533, the French King Henry II married the Italian Catherine de’ Medici. Her Italian chefs that she brought with her to France were able to make sorbets through their special ability to flavor ice. So, the idea was in France and it spread to Italy. But how did it get to France?

* There was another famous king who loved to eat flavored snow: Charles I of England. Since this treat was so precious to King Charles, he sought to keep it a royal treat. He bribed the chef with money in order to keep the recipe a royal secret. What happened when King Charles died? You guessed it! The chef spread it like wild fire!

What about the History of the Cone? reviews of InventHelp

The cone. Who invented it? Just like with who invented ice cream, cone history is disputed. Again, I’ll present what is reported and you decide!

Italo Marchiony is credited with inventing a dish you can eat that was made for holding this frozen favorite in 1896. This may not have been a cone, though.

David Avayou insists that he was the one to whom credit should go for making the cone popular in St. Louis in 1904 at the World Fair. He saw how the frozen desserts were served in paper cups in France, and sought to improve upon the idea. After experimenting, he made the cone.

Charles Menches also wants some recognition…but why? His claim may seem to be plausible, but what is it?

The same is with Ernest Hamwi. Many historians credit him with the invention.



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