Poker Bots in Casinos Online

A lot of gambling chat rooms,Guest Posting news groups and forums devoted to the game of poker often mention so-called card-playing robots more commonly known as “bots,” and these bots are being used on commercial gambling sites. Most players assume that a lot of online poker rooms thrive due to the use of these special programs that are able to beat an above average player easily or even maul a novice player. In a traditional casino setting, you can easily determine the weak sides of your competitor, figure out his strategy, and observe him. While in a virtual gaming house, there is no way of telling if your opponent is human and not a program that is used to substitute a real player.If it is true there are a lot of bots capable of beating good players then this could pose as a huge problem in the online poker sector. Without the aid of a system or software that would determine whether a player is a bot or not at online casinos, business could be significantly undercut. This feedback is coming from players themselves and gambling figures interested in the further development of the online gaming industry.A few skeptics say that with the complexity of the game and steady changing strategies, creation of the program that can read opponents’ cards using a special technique of screen scanning and can respond in real time is many decades away at best. In the University of Alberta in Canada, a computer poker research group developed an artificially intelligent automation known as VexBot. This robot can play poker at master level in a game of two players.The new program has been tested to the frontiers of artificial intelligence since it will be the basis for commercial poker tutorial programs. As soon as the news about a program was published by the media regarding the bot, several letters were received mentioning the danger of system use for the purposes of illegal gambling business.Darse Billings, lead designer of VexBot, considers that the probability of the use of bots in commercial sites is about 50:50. He also said that all of the modern programs can unlikely match his creation, a ten-year worth of team specialist research.Billings said, “The strategy of the game is difficult, and to sit down and write a program that can beat a table of experienced human players is no trivial task.”The challenge in the creation of the system was its ability to employ certain tasks such as bluffing and laying traps. That’s why artificial intelligence was added to the system, capable not only to calculate probabilities, but also make use of logic in the game to model its opponents’ behaviors.The creators of VexBot said that the main advantage of the robot is it has no emotions, therefore, it will not feel shame, nervousness and the like. The robot will be indifferent to the most aggressive player.Journalists, on the other hand, who study the problem of poker bots, note that it’s very hard to see the whole picture because of the unwillingness of many gambling operators to answer upon the requests of this issue. There is no high-quality program that is able to observe suspicious poker sites having unusual game patterns.A representative of Cryptologic Company commenting on the issue said that some players suspected of using bots have been banned from member sites. Sometimes, it is just impossible to be sure who plays as a human or as a robot. However, a company exposing all unusual strategies prefers to be reinsured and wants to protect itself from the possible socializing with a bot.Professional players on the matter said that the advantage of having a bot would mean the bot being able to play 25 casinos simultaneously, two tables a piece. Even if it’s playing a minimum $10-$20 on a game, it can earn $1000 an hour, if such bot exists. Skeptics are sure that poker will still continue to gain popularity despite all the threats from the side of programmers. In their opinion, it’s just a matter of time before more people want to create their own bot only to be remembered but all these attempts are doomed to fail. If you want to join in the discussion, try visiting where poker enthusiasts have a lot to share!

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