Marco Apartments

Marco Apartments situated in Sukhumvit Soi 2 offers guests and visitors a warm stay in this five star area. It is a nine story high structure with a sum of 50 overhauled lofts.


It vows to offer visitors a chance to “experience the normal feeling” the region brings to the table, removing them from the rushing about of the bustling city life.


Remaining here, you will be close to the BTS Sky Train or you can pick to utilize the structure’s golf truck transport to take you to local spots. In the event that you need a little outside air, a walk around the wide walkways will do only the thing.


With 24 hour reconnaissance and Terra Hill Condo stopping, security isn’t anything to stress over. 24 hour upkeep is additionally offered, guaranteeing that assuming any issues happen it will be settled right away.


The structure has its own café and corner shop, transforming the journey of tracking down something to eat into a breeze.


Marco Apartments sent off in August of 2008 and values the five star administration it conveys to their visitors as a whole. All condos are completely outfitted and Wi-Fi Internet associations are additionally accessible.


Every condo has underlying teak-furniture and marble-top wrapping up, giving the rooms a quiet and regular feel. The floors are wooden and jumbo beds invite you in the room.


Attendant services are free and everyday house keeper cleaning administrations can likewise be employed. Room conveyance is accessible as is Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services. Every condo likewise has its own restroom and protection is something that comes standard.


The rooms have large windows, high roofs and galleries, placing visitors in contact with what is around them.


One Bedroom Apartments around 40 sq m huge are the littlest rooms that Marco Apartments brings to the table and it will cost you BHT 2 900 every evening. A sum of three individuals can rest here and at least a three night stay is required.


In the event that a One Bedroom Apartment isn’t the thing you are searching for, you can continuously browse one of the four different estimated Studio Apartments.


A 27 sq m Studio Apartment where three individuals can rest will cost you BHT 2 200 every evening, with a base necessity of remaining one evening. The 30 sq m Studio Apartment likewise has a base prerequisite of remaining one evening. It rests 3 individuals and it will cost you around BHT 2 500 every evening.


The 40 sq m Studio Penthouse Apartment presented by Marco Apartments rests three individuals and a base stay of three evenings is required. It will cost you around BHT 2 750 every evening.


At last, the greatest Studio Apartment presented by Marco Apartments is the Corner Penthouse and it rests a sum of three individuals. A base stay of three evenings is required and one night will cost you BHT 3 400.


On the off chance that you are searching for the Thai experience as well as a smidgen of harmony and calm, you ought to think about Marco Apartments.

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