Easy Ways To Make Your Hands Stronger for Shooting Your Concealed Weapon

As anyone woman who has ever been shooting knows, a female’s hands can get tired from all that trigger pulling and gun toting. Here are some easy ideas to strengthen your gun shooting hand without having to hit the gym to do it.

  1. Gardening. Pulling weeds, digging and planting are all great exercises for strengthening the muscles in the hands and arms.
  2. Snow shoveling. If you live in a seasonal weather state, shoveling snow and raking leaves are great opportunities to exercise your hands. Dress appropriately and wear gloves to avoid blisters or frostbite.
  3. Crafts. By engaging in a variety of crafts, such as knitting, embroidery, or scrapbooking, you will flex the muscles in your hand, keeping them agile. Although making crafts might not strengthen your hands, it will make your hands more flexible.
  4. Dry fire practice. The tried and true method to strengthen 17 wsm Ammo for sale your hand and it won’t cost you a bucket of money in ammo. Or, alternatively, try practicing with airsoft guns, a less expensive alternative to live ammo. Either way, using your hands will strengthen your muscles.
  5. Practice your draw. If you’ve chosen to use a conceal carry purse to hide a weapon, regularly practice your quick draw, aim and shoot. You can also dry fire practice, saving the expense of ammo.
  6. Dishwashing. No, don’t wash them with a dishwasher. Wash your dishes the old fashioned way, in the kitchen sink. Not many of us do this anymore, but all the swishing and lifting are good movements for both hands and arms.
  7. Lifting. If your kids are little (even if they don’t feel so little), lifting and carrying them frequently will get your arms toned quickly. You’ll be amazed how strong you become when you have children.
  8. Swimming. If you have a pool or a nearby lake or water area, take some time to swim laps or engage in splash play. Water activities will strengthen your arm muscles and enable you to have a steady grip.
  9. Flexilibity. Keep your hands nimble and your fingers flexible by playing cards, drawing with pencils or crayons, shooting rubber bands at targets or at the wall, braiding your hair or even sorting clothes and tieing socks together inside out. You want your fingers to be strong but also nimble.

By exercising your hands, fingers and arms on a daily basis, you will be fit and strong every time you ready your weapon for a day at the gun range.

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