Discover 5 Useful Tips to Becoming a Better World of Warcraft Player

6 Essential World of Warcraft Hints

Sometimes it can be a challenge to find the very best World of Warcraft hints. Some of the best hints don’t deal only with actual game play; use these 6 World of Warcraft hints to help step up your game and see your game in a new way.

1. Select your character with its skills and profession in mind.

Take into account the advantages of certain professions. For example, a priest or warlock can accomplish a lot with tailoring and enchanting. Tailoring is an excellent skill that can provide useful garments throughout the game, while enchanting also allows one to disenchant, which comes in handy when you need to disable spells fast.

Rogues, shamans, druids, and hunters all have skinning and leatherworking skills. This is essential for creating protective armour. Warriors and paladins also have valuable skills, including blacksmithing and mining. These are highly useful for creating armour and weapons too.

A number of characters also have knowledge of alchemy and herbal healing. This makes it much easier to heal yourself when necessary. The characters with this skill include mages, rogues, hunters, and warlocks.

If your goal is mainly the acquisition of wealth, you’ll want any of the gathering skills. Kee in mind that mining is one of the more important ones, since it will help you locate gold and other precious metals.

2. A critical World of Warcraft hint is to make sure your character gets its required rest

When your character is adequately rested, you’ll be able to zoom through leveling a whole lot faster. The important thing is to rest at the right time and place to make sure your character isn’t in danger during this time. The inn is the perfect place for a rest; be sure to leave your character there before you log out.

3. Get more experience by killing the Paladin multiple times

One of the best ways to get practice in the “First Trial” quest is to battle the Paladin to the death multiple times. Just keep lighting the brazier over and over again and watch him go into the cave. You can do this as many times as you want.

4. Choose tailoring and enchanting professions together to boost your skills

If you choose these two professions, you’ll have what you need to make linen fabric and clothing. Once you’ve reached a skill of 40 to 50, find a journeyman tailor to make a red linen robe, since this is an enchanted item that will help your game.

5. Earn easy money by selling items at auction

Do this by becoming an experienced herbalist, skinner, and  Buy wow gold leatherworker, then collect everything you’ll need to craft a variety of items from leather or cloth. Make money easily by selling these goods at the auction house.

Work your way quickly to level thirty; this is where the excitement really begins -an important World of Warcraft hint for new players

The sooner you make it to level 30, the faster you’ll play the exciting parts of the game. To get there faster, hook up with a band of explorers. This will spread the work load around, and give you some extra protection. It’s possible to get there alone, but you’ll have to work a lot harder for a lot longer.


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